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Metal Gear Solid Icons
Snakey Goodness
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25th-Aug-2009 06:41 pm(no subject)

Metal Gear Solid 4 → 54

here @ clipperclipper

Don't mind the dumb comments. 8D;
24th-Aug-2009 04:23 pm(no subject)
» 08 Final Fantasy XIII
» 15 Metal Gear Solid 3
» 27 Metal Gear Solid 4

» 08 Resident Evil 5
» 17 Silent Hill 3
» 06 Silent Hill Homecoming
» 04 Wet

here @ rottedcandy
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20th-Aug-2009 11:26 pm(no subject)
Bunch of variations. Enjoy.

Metal Gear Solid 3
Naked Snake → 9
EVA → 6
Ocelot → 5

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Big Boss → 7

here @ clipperclipper :D
17th-Aug-2009 06:06 pm(no subject)

Metal Gear Solid 4
Big Boss → 40

here @ clipperclipper
10th-Aug-2009 02:11 am - +5
1 MGS4
4 Rising

( over here )
5th-Aug-2009 11:31 pm(no subject)

lmao I'm too lazy to post these to my actual icon comm, so I'll just post them directly here :3

Metal Gear Solid (All)
fanart // # o25 (all taken from pixiv, table from table generator)


click me dahlin'Collapse )
2nd-Aug-2009 07:24 pm - I come bearing crappy icons
I finally decided to post here, although I feel intimidated by all the good iconist here. ;A;

→ Metal Gear Solid 13 (All of Snake)

The rest are
here @ ramuneicons

Shitenhouji → Summer
31st-Jul-2009 09:25 am - 12 MGS icons


x-posted, sorry about the f-list spam. ):

the rest here @ noirsymphonie 
26th-Jul-2009 03:00 am - 12 MGS Icons
42 Icons (It's the answer to the universe!)

20 Ace Attorney
12 Metal Gear Solid (Various)
10 Misc (Tales of Grace, Rose&Camellia)

Right here at censoredgrace
25th-Jul-2009 04:02 pm - 9 MGS series icons



x-posted everywhere, so so sorry about the F-list spam. ):

here @ noirsymphonie 

12th-Jul-2009 07:25 pm(no subject)

Please take a look at my default icon. I'd like to know who made it as I would like to credit them with their username. I had found it through someone on this community a while ago but neglected to take down their name, and I wouldn't feel right without crediting the maker.

Thank you kindly.
10th-Jul-2009 12:06 pm(no subject)
» 08 Loveless
» 18 Metal Gear Solid 3
(Naked Snake/BB, EVA, Ocelot, The Boss, Raikov, misc)
» 11 Nana
» 22 Resident Evil 5
» 04 Resident Evil: Degeneration

here @ rottedcandy
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7th-Jul-2009 09:48 am(no subject)
Just a couple of variations of EVA.
8 total.

here @ rottedcandy
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1st-Jul-2009 09:29 pm - Some Doujinshi Icons
Hello everyone. It's my first post here so bear with me if I made some errors. Well, basically I made these 26 crappy awesome icons based off of this doujinshi uploaded by ukiby_chan . Of course, many thanks go out to ukiby_chan for taking the time to upload the doujinshi for everyone.


Link to iconsCollapse )
Solidus Typing
27th-Jun-2009 01:42 am(no subject)
I, um. I guess I could post these here?

In March I started making Gigaville icons. By the way, if you haven't read it, you totally should. I only recently (by recently, I mean last night) finished my last batch of them.
Um... Credit or don't, I don't care. If you do, make it to clooney.


First Batch!
Comic #1 though #208 with 207 icons.

( Fakecut to my icons PB. )

Second Batch!
Comic #209 though #387 with 218 icons.

( Fakecut. )

Third Batch!
Comic #388 though #500 with 226 icons.

( Fakecut. )

I shall return some day with icons from hiimdaisy's Let's Destroy the Shagohod comic.
23rd-Jun-2009 02:38 pm(no subject)

Metal Gear Solid → 15


here @ clipperclipper!
19th-Jun-2009 12:49 pm(no subject)
» 18 Metal Gear Solid 3
Big Boss/Naked Snakex04
EVA x08
Other x06 (Ocelot, The Boss, The Fury, Raikov, Volgin)

» 16 Nana
» 16 Resident Evil 5
» 05 Variante

here @ rottedcandy
is this your card™
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