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Metal Gear Solid Icons
Snakey Goodness
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27th-Sep-2010 04:48 pm - Mod Post
Due to the fact that the community is still getting strange, often questionable, posts, all posts that are submitted into the community will be moderated before being accepted. This will help to weed out the posts that do not belong in here.

Thank you for your patience!

12th-Sep-2010 09:55 am(no subject)
【005】 Bleach (Soi Fong, Yoruichi, Orihime, Rangiku)
【023】 Dragon Ball Z (Vegeta/Bulma, Goku/Vegeta, Goku, Videl, #18, Trunks, Gohan)
【006】 Final Fantasy X-2 (Rikku)

【009】 Metal Gear Solid/Peace Walker (Sniper Wolf, Wolf/Meryl, Strangelove, Cécile, Amanda, Paz)
【005】 Tekken 6 (Alisa, Zafina)
【005】 Misc (Marvel v Capcom 3, Clock Tower 3)

see the rest here @ castledust
is this your card™
21st-Aug-2010 05:54 pm(no subject)
76 Icons:
2 Photos
3 1776
4 DC comics (3 52, 1 Kord!Blue Beetle)
8 Beauty and the Beast
12 Animorphs (Text)
15 Huge
32 Metal Gear Ac!d & MGA2


[dc] the wonder of flight
18th-Aug-2010 04:22 am - Under New Management
Hey everyone!

That's right. You are not imagining things! mgsicons is under new management and going under some renovations to get the community up and running again! The best part? No more weird Russian spam posts!

Things to look forward to:
- New layout
- New profile info
- New tag system

Things that still need work:
With the changes, a little issue has come up. Seems that the community did not translate well when switched from the S1 system to S2. The problem is something you all might have noticed: you can't click on the bottom link that shows you previous entries. I'm not sure why this has happened but I am working it out.

Solution for now: I've taken the time to tag all the entries from before today. So if you want to find some icons in past posts, just click on the link to the tag archive and you're set!

Well, that seems to cover everything. Hope everything is to your liking! Post here for any questions!

~ Ziva
14th-Aug-2010 06:12 pm(no subject)
Devil May Cry [25]
Final Fantasy [27]
Metal Gear Solid [14]
Resident Evil [130]
Silent Hill [10]

T E A S E R S :

Rest are here @ carnal_pleasure

This entry will be locked for members only after two days. *August 16, 2010*
through red september
22nd-Jul-2010 02:10 pm - Another Comm
Since we have encountered the great Russian Invasion of 2010 and no mod in sight...

Have an alternative: mgs_icons
I'm easily distrac--bunny
29th-Mar-2010 07:48 am - first post
Hallooo, I've been lurking for a bit, but now I decided to actually say hi. I made a few MGS4 icons...

Here's a preview:

For the rest, please proceed here. Single file everyone!
8th-Jan-2010 09:29 pm - (13) Metal Gear Solid
I am playing MGS1 and screencapping as I go. There may or may not be more icon posts.

I'm nice, it's a real cutCollapse )
12th-Dec-2009 05:35 pm(no subject)
These icons were made in more of an rp style, so they're not decorated fancy or anything. They can still be used like normal icons, so they're NOT bases :3

Metal Gear Solid 4
Young Snake (Mask) → 42

right here @ disabledstatic
[DW] ▪ reindeer wilf.
31st-Oct-2009 08:56 pm - Long time no spam
Metal Gear Solid - Icon Group 2 - 27 icons
+1 Snake and Otacon (MGS4)
+4 Meryl (MGS4)
+7 Old Snake (MGS4)
+9 Pliskin (MGS2)
+5 Solid Snake (MGS2)
+1 Ota-Damashii (MGS4)

Over here.
3rd-Oct-2009 12:38 pm(no subject)

★ Naked Snake

[ 25 ]

here @ disabledstatic
[DW] ▪ reindeer wilf.
15th-Sep-2009 06:55 pm(no subject)

I hope this is allowed here, but I just wanted to let you all know I'm taking requests, so head on over here if you want anything :)
[DW] ▪ reindeer wilf.
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